Music Publishers

Earn Regular Income from Your Music Fans… the Easy Way

You want as many ways as possible to turn the music fans who reach your content into a source of regular, reliable revenue.

We’re here to help you to make that revenue — and to make it easily and quickly.

Apply, paste a line of code into your pages, and your content will show a sales button offering ringtones for the music you already sell.

You don’t have to do anything else!

Because we’ve already brought together 80 aggregators with licenses to sell ringtones in 80 different countries, we can legally deliver ringtones to nearly 100 percent of your music-loving traffic.

You get a share of the revenues month after month after month.

Your pages won’t change, your design will remain the same and your current sales won’t be affected. You’ll just receive an extra button to place alongside your download links. Your fans will have one more way to pay you and you’ll receive additional revenue.

Cross Platform

You’ll be able to monetize your music traffic across all the platforms on which you deliver your content. Sell ringtones easily on:
  • Social media sites
  • Apps
  • Web and mobile sites

Real Time Reporting

You’ll be able to track your sales in real time. Create as many campaigns as you want to follow your download stats, see which platforms are generating sales and — most importantly — how much you’re making each month.